Limited Weather Information System (LWIS)

This system is not yet approved by Transport Canada and/or NAV CANADA. Please use it only for guidance and situational awareness only. DO NOT use it for flight planning purposes! Please use Estevan altimeter as it is depicted on the approach charts (RASS: Use CYEN - IFR flights).

Operator of the website, Carlyle Flying Club, Town of Carlyle, the Carlyle Airport and other third parties are not taking any responsibilities in case of the misuse of the weather information depicted on this page. 

**Please refresh the page before you use numbers from here. The time field always changes even though the website is not refreshed, so that is not a good indicator for up-to-date information. Use METAR/SPECI Message field for up-to-date check (if it is within an hour, information is very likely updated)

LWIS (TCAIM.MET.1.2.4/1.2.5/8.5/CAR804.01)


Click here for AWOS


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Wind speed is in knots. Conversion to km/h is: kts multiplied by 1.852. 

Visibility is in statue mile. Conversion to km: sm multiplied by 1.609.