100LL: $2.10 / L


JetA: $2.10 / L


Last update: Jan 23, 2023


Instruction for fueling:

Self-serve 24/7/365

  1. Park and ground the aircraft with the ground-wire
  2. Get the fuel book from the Club-house
  3. Turn on AVGAS or JetA timer located on South wall (inside) Club-house to activate pumps
  4. Check meter reading is correct and zero the counter
  5. Fuel the aircraft
  6. Write down the full meter reading and the actual used reading
  7. Fill in the rest of the portion of the book
  8. Pay with cash/cheque or credit/debit card
    • Credit/debit card payment: use Credit Authorization Terminal (CAT), type in full price (L used x price) and pay with your card
    • Write your name, call sign and litres paid on the Merchandise copy and put it in the metal box
    • Cash/cheque payment: Put cash/cheque in the metal box
  9. Lock the Club house door and have a safe flight!