Carlyle SK - CJQ3

Elevation: 2074 ASL
ATF: TFC 122.8
AWOS: 122.55
Runway: 11-29 3655x75 asphalt
Circuits: standard left hand


Location: N49 38 38 W102 17 09 Adj NW of town of Carlyle, SK
MAG VAR 8ºE (2013)
Time Zone: UTC-6
Aerodrome Elevation: 2074' ASL
Aeronautical chart: REG Regina AIR 5006 IFR: LO2 CAP


Town of Carlyle 306-453-2363
Registered Aerodrome; not certified as an airport. Registered aerodromes are not subject to an ongoing inspection program. Pilots intending to use these aerodromes should obtain current information from the owner/operator.

Public Facilities:

Within 5nm (9km) of aerodrome: Telephone, Food, Medical facilities, Accommodation, Car rental.


100LL, JA-1, FSII

Runway Info:

11(105º) 29(285º) 3655x75 feet asphalt
Operator Limited winter maintenance


Threshold and runway end low intensity runway lights on both end, ARCAL-122.8 type J


ATF - Carlyle traffic 122.8 5 NM 5100 ASL

MF/ATF INITIAL CONTACT ON ARRIVAL (These procedures should also apply to aerodromes with ATF frequency.):
In accordance with CAR 602.97 (1) and (2), the pilot-in-command of a VFR or IFR radio-equipped aircraft operating within an MF area shall maintain a listening watch on the mandatory frequency specified for use in the MF area.
In accordance with CAR 602.101 (a), the pilot-in-command of a VFR aircraft arriving at an uncontrolled aerodrome that lies within an MF shall report before entering the MF area and, where circumstances permit, shall do so at least five minutes before entering the area, giving the aircraft’s position, altitude and estimated time of landing and the pilot-in-command’s arrival procedure intentions.
In accordance with CAR 602.104 (2) (a) (i), the pilot-in-command of an IFR aircraft who intends to conduct an approach to or a landing at an uncontrolled aerodrome, shall report the pilot-in-command’s intentions regarding the operation of the aircraft five minutes before the estimated time of commencing the approach procedure, stating the estimated time of landing.


NDB 8A 310 (M) Pvt Unmonitored (Non NAV CANADA facility) - Not in service




Unlighted tower 2282 ASL (212AGL) 1.1NM SE of Aerodrome