GPS NOTAM for 129a 129b type of GPS aren't available on the AWWS website because there are no NOTAM distributed by Canada. As a consequence users need to find this kind of NOTAM (KNMH). These NOTAMs are only advisory: just a way to tell pilots "Don't forget to check your RAIM because one or several satellites are down". The NOTAM itself will not give you the RAIM. Only the GPS itself or special RAIM prediction software installed on your computer (as indicated in COM of the TC AIM) would calculate RAIM automatically. Checking RAIM on the GPS being part of checklists is the only way to meet the requirements.

On the other hand, as indicated in the TC AIM, NOTAM for WAAS (TSO C145a/C146a) used for LPV approaches for example are distributed by Canada and are distributed on the AWWS website as part of:

- A particular Aerodrome NOTAM file if it is a problem affecting only a particular airport (Example: LNAV approach)

- A FIR NOTAM file if the GPS problem affects several airports

- A National NOTAM file if it affects the whole country